How to get fit if you’re starting from scratch

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How to get active if you’re starting from scratch | Herbalife fitness adviceDo you exercise enough? Do you wish you were more fit but days and weeks slide by without you doing anything active?

Despite best intentions, all of us can get caught in a no-exercise rut. We have busy lives and fitness sometimes slips down the priority list. Unfortunately, for some, it can seem like you’re so far out of shape that you’ll never get fit again.

I’m here to tell you that you can get fit again. No matter your current fitness level, today’s fitness advice may help.

I’ve gone back to basics and focused on what really helped me. There was a time when I didn’t feel great about my body and I lacked stamina, strength and flexibility. My self-confidence dipped and I wanted to hide – I couldn’t believe that I’d let myself fall so far and regaining my former fitness felt like a mountain too steep to try and climb.

This isn’t the usual fitness article about how you need xx minutes of this exercise and xx minutes of that exercise. This is designed for those of you who sincerely want to get fit and don’t know where to start because, right now, all exercise feels too daunting to even try. Don’t despair – I’m here to give you fitness hope,

My ‘3 x ABC’ get fit program

Using my own experience of adjusting to life with four children and a husband who was always traveling for work, these are my ABCs to help you get back on track. Give these tips a go and you could find yourself back in possession of willpower, confidence and energy in no time!

Fitness AAA

A = Action

Fitness and exercise can feel like too big a challenge, so let’s just push to become more active. That can mean adding in a simple stretch or a walk around the block. Any movement is better than no movement.

If you’re not fit then you don’t need any high-pressure labels, so let’s simply take ‘action’ by being ‘active’ in some way every day.

A = Analyze

Look at your schedule and see where there is time for action. You don’t think you have two hours to get to the gym, change, workout, change and get home again? Fine. Let’s start small. Can you find a minute before breakfast or two minutes after work?

Just as you wouldn’t start climbing a mountain at breakneck speed – you can slowly ease yourself into action. Find a few minutes and use them to stretch. Reach to the ceiling or gently roll your neck and enjoy the feeling. Overtime, try to build from two minutes of action to five.

A= Accountability

You know you need to exercise. I know you need to exercise. Add it to your daily to-do list and do something active every day.

If you stretch before breakfast for a minute, then write it down. If you walk to the end of your street, then write it down. You’re more likely to exercise if you hold yourself accountable and after five days you’ll have at least five minutes of exercise to show for it.

You might not be at the top of the mountain yet but you can see you’ve made a start!

Fitness BBB

B = Breathe

For me, my falling fitness level was tied to an increasingly busy lifestyle and stress. That taught me that it’s good to make time to breathe.

Right now, as you’re reading this, take a deep breath in and feel your chest swell. Now breathe out slowly; try to push all the air out of your lungs.

Mindful breathing can help us focus so find something you do every day and use it as a reminder to enjoy some relaxing deep-breathing. You might decide to deep-breathe while waiting for the coffee to brew or as you water your plants. I do it after the kids clamber out of the car for school and I have a moment before driving away and tackling the next part of my day.

You won’t get far up that mountain if you don’t take time to breathe and assess your progress.

B= Break

Take a break. We’re all busy and it feels like we just don’t have any time but are you sure you can’t squeeze in a five minute break from what you’re doing? Hard as it might be to believe, your productivity may go up if you step away for a moment. A break to walk from one side of the room to the other, or to step outside can help you refocus while adding crucial action moments to your day.

And if you do take a moment to walk around your place of work then don’t forget to write it down. Every step takes you a little higher up that fitness mountain.

B = Balance

You’re more likely to stick with your daily actions if you can find a way to balance your new activities with your daily needs. You still need to do your chores, keep up your social circle and all the other things that make up your day-to-day life. No one wants to be boring so find the right life balance. That means you need to add more action than you were doing but don’t go over the top and become so active that it’s unsustainable.

To get all the way up that fitness mountain, you need to pace yourself.

Fitness CCC

C= Change

Change won’t happen unless you make it. We can all wish and hope and dream but we won’t get fit unless we take a first action step.

You have to be honest with yourself every day. If a day goes by and you haven’t had an action moment then understand that you aren’t climbing the mountain; you’re standing still or even rolling back down.

C= Community

Use your community to help you rebuild your fitness. Your family, friends and co-workers can help you clock-up action moments and may want to join you as you steadily climb the mountain. You probably aren’t the only person you know who wants to be more fit. Tell everybody what you’re trying to do and you’re friends will motivate you. They’re likely to be proud of you for actively taking back control.

Climbing that mountain is easier if you aren’t struggling up alone.

C = Commit

None of my ABCs will help if you don’t commit to taking action. As you read this, I hope you feel motivated. Use that feeling right now: move your body in some way: stretch you arms out or take a deep breath and point your toes. If you’re feeling really motivated then do a little wiggle and feel yourself smile…

Now that you’ve started, commit to taking a few more steps up the mountain each day. Pretty soon you’ll look back and see how far you’ve climbed.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.