Try These DIY Tips for a Confidence Boost

Out with the old, in with the new.

Let’s talk about how to build all-over body confidence. I’m excited to be sharing my personal experience with self-esteem and body image, how they go hand in hand, and what we need to do to stay confident

Most people battle with low self-esteem and body confidence at some point in life. Perhaps you wish your skin was clearer, or that your stomach was flatter, or your nose was smaller, or maybe you wish you were taller or shorter. These feelings apply to both men and women.

The Self-Image Puzzle

There are mornings when I stand in front of a mirror looking at myself. I check out my arms, my stomach
and even my butt, and if I’m already feeling low, I can start to feel worse. I decide I want to look like I did
when I was 22 years old. I start to get down on myself, and I can literally feel my confidence slipping away.

After a full body bashing, I continue to torture myself by scrutinizing my face in one of those magnifying mirrors. Then I think, “Oh great, there’s a new little wrinkle developing. Oh wonderful, a stray hair randomly growing some place it shouldn’t be.” Sigh… If it weren’t for the fear of seven years of bad luck, that mirror would be history.

The Self-Confidence Solution

In my mind, I’m still in my early 20s. But my mind and my body are definitely not on the same page. Often, our body image is directly tied to our self-esteem. And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have all-over body confidence no matter what we look like. It’s important to embrace who we are today and let go of the past. Let go of the standardized perceptions of beauty, and find confidence from within. And the best part is, if there’s something we are unhappy about––we have the power to change it.

What bothers us the most is what no one notices about us

When we do work on ourselves and we see change, our confidence starts to build. Little things can make a huge impact. For me, it was cleaning out my closet. I used to hold onto clothes forever. Every time I’d walk in my closet I would see a certain pair of ripped jeans, circa 1985. And my mind would say, “Remember when you were a skinny young thing and rocked those jeans?” That one single thought would zap my self-confidence and I would start to feel bad about myself. The solution? Get rid of the jeans. I know it’s simple, but for me not holding on to the past is important. No one needs a daily reminder of something that might make them feel bad for no reason. Everyone has different concerns, but we all have the power to improve how we view ourselves.

Here are few simple rules you can follow to create all-over body confidence and improve your self-esteem:

Self-Image and Self-Confidence Go Hand in Hand
Body confidence rule 1: Be realistic

It’s OK not to look like you did when you were 22. Think back to the good old days. Were you wearing fashions that belong in the past? Platform shoes, bell-bottoms or skinny ties? Perhaps it was big shoulder pads, acid-wash jeans or a crop top? Enough reminders of past fashion! Whatever the case, let’s admit it once and for all: we really do look better now than we did then. If you aren’t sure, show an old picture of yourself to someone who’s a decade younger than you. I showed my kids a picture of me rocking a once-trendy outfit and––love ‘em––they burst out laughing. Let’s romanticize the future, not the past.

Body confidence rule 2: Focus on the positive

You know that feeling you get when someone randomly tells you that they love your shoes, or they think your hair looks great? Or when someone asks, “Have you been working out?” Think about how you feel in those moments. We all have many positive attributes, but sometimes just one self-perceived negative overrules the many positives.

Let’s change our focus. Look in the mirror and what do you see? Focus on the good things. Do you have nice shiny hair, sparkly eyes, beautiful white teeth, toned abs or glowing skin? Compliment yourself on what you love about you each and every day. And own it.

Body confidence rule 3: Change is good

If you want to change something about yourself, do it sooner rather than later. If it’s your hair, try a new
cut. If you’re losing your hair and it’s making you insecure, get rid of it. I know it’s difficult, but Taye Diggs, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Pitbull are all bald and they exude self-confidence. And hey, even yours truly was bald for a few years. Gentlemen, trust me, bald can be very sexy.

Worried about your weight? Today is the day to make a change. Read one of Samantha’s or Susan’s
articles to help get you started. The sooner you get started on making a change, the sooner you’ll start feeling better about yourself.

Remember, beauty is found in the eye of the beholder, not on the pages of a fashion magazine. Throw your shoulders back, stand up tall, lift your chin up and smile. Love yourself, love your family and love your friends. Compliment yourself and others every day and be confident in who you are. Self-confidence exudes positivity.

A positive self-image equals self-confidence. Today is the day to make a change for the better.

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Beauty question? Ask Jacquie!

From Herbalife's Discover Good Fitness & Nutrition Blog

Beauty question? Ask Jacquie | | Herbalife beauty adviceGot a beauty question or a skin care query?  This is your chance to ask an expert! 

Add your question in the comments section below and our resident beauty expert, Jacquie Carter, will try and tackle your concerns.

And, if you have perfect skin – take this opportunity to tell us about your regime.  We’re all interested in what works so that we can all raise our confidence levels!

Jacquie will be providing short answers in the comments below and will also select some questions to address more fully in upcoming beauty blog posts so make sure you check back regularly.

Introducing Jacquie Carter, skin care and beauty expert

From Herbalife's Discover Good Fitness & Nutrition Blog

Herbalife beauty expert Jacquie Carter | DiscoverGoodBeauty.comHelp us welcome skin care and beauty expert, Jacquie Carter, our new ‘Discover Good…’ beauty author! 

Hi Jacquie, we’re absolutely thrilled you’ve joined ‘Discover Good…’ We know you have a wealth of experience in the beauty industry and that you want to help everyone look his or her best. What are the key messages you try to convey about skin care?

Jacquie CarterThanks for the welcome, I’m happy to be here! What I try to communicate to everyone is that taking care of your skin is something that we must do every single day – no excuses! This includes men, women and teens.  It’s as important as bathing and brushing your teeth.  A proper skin care routine only takes a few minutes a day, so there are no excuses.  Once you get started and you see results, you realize the importance of it and cleansing just becomes second nature.  The skin is the largest living organ of the body and has the potential to age faster than any other organ of the body.  We need to take care of it every single day. It’s a must!

You epitomize our ‘look good and feel great’ approach. Is helping people feel good your mission in life?

Jacquie Carter: That’s a very interesting question.  I am not really sure where to begin. When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with cancer.  Through the years of my treatment I lost all of my hair, my weight was affected, my skin was awful looking and I even developed some very painful skin conditions that were difficult to treat and embarrassing to look at.  Battling the illness was my first priority but, let’s face it, I was a teenage girl and how I looked was important to me. It’s amazing how our appearance can give us great confidence or make us completely insecure.   I just wanted to hide from the world because I didn’t feel good about myself.  I was sick on the inside and I looked sick on the outside.  That feeling of not wanting to be seen because of your appearance is something that I will never forget.  It’s also something that many people feel on a daily basis.  It could be insecurities due to acne or weight or just not looking like the airbrushed models in the fashion magazines.  I do believe society has an unrealistic perspective of what true beauty is.  If I can help just one person feel good and not want to hide from the world, then it’s all been worth it.  Confidence can come to us in many forms.  I truly believe that knowledge is power.  Give someone the tools to change things and you will see a world of difference in their confidence.

Thanks for sharing your story Jacquie, we’re so glad that you fully recovered. It’s inspiring to see that you took a difficult situation and managed to find the positive! Nutritionists often quote the phrase: “Beauty comes from within.” Do you believe that nutrition can play an important role in how a person’s skin looks?

Jacquie Carter: Absolutely!  I believe proper nutrition is critical when it comes to our appearance.  I always say; if you eat a lot of garbage, chances are your skin will look like garbage.  A bit extreme, but there is some truth to it.  Our skin is a true reflection of what is going on inside of our bodies, so the healthier we are on the inside, the better we look on the outside. Good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle are important for both inner and outer nutrition.

With your beauty credentials, do you feel you’re ‘high maintenance’?

Jacquie Carter: Oh my gosh; noooo!  I am so not high maintenance but then I suppose everyone who truly is high maintenance says the same thing, right?  I am happiest with just a splash of makeup, my hair in a ponytail and wearing a pair of jeans.  That’s when I am most comfortable.  But with that said, I wouldn’t leave the house looking like that.  Does that make me high maintenance after all?  I’d better rethink this question…

We’re loving your no-holds-barred honesty! Are you a make-up minimalist or do you go bold every time?

Jacquie Carter, Herbalife beauty expert | Discover Good BeautyJacquie Carter: I love makeup.  I love wild colors and sparkles and I look forward to seasonal trends. I can’t wait to see what celebrities are wearing.  I saw someone on TV the other day with a bright, bumble bee yellow lipstick on.  I thought to myself; wow that is awesome, because I would never do something so daring. I am really boring when it comes to makeup, I rarely move out of my comfort zone.  I am definitely a make up minimalist in reality but bold in my fantasy life.

Is there anything beauty related that you wish you’d known sooner?

Jacquie Carter: Geez, where do I start?  Looking back, I think I made every possible mistake I could make. 

The college years especially were not my proudest moments.  I had a terrible diet: I would eat potato chips, soda, fast food and honestly – NOT in moderation.   I would eat late-night greasy pizzas and yes, I consumed my share of alcohol at our sorority parties.   I never used sunscreens and, in fact, would lie in the sun with tanning oil on my skin just to get a deep dark tan. I actually looked forward to my first summer sunburn because after that I believed I was on my way to a gorgeous tan. I washed my face with plain old soap and water.  And, if I had a blemish I would definitely pick at it.  Wow, I was really a mess!   As the saying goes, “If I only knew then what I know now.”  

I love educating teens on skin care because when they truly realize the effects that bad habits have on their skin in the long term, I believe they are more apt to make intelligent choices.  In my defense, and I hate to date myself, but when I was younger there wasn’t an emphasis on sunscreens or diet and lifestyle when it came to our skin.  But, now we know and we need to take every precautionary measure we can to protect the health of our skin and our bodies as a whole.  I will confess I still have ‘evidence’ on my skin from those days.

What is your major skin care no-no?

Jacquie Carter: I would have to say that the biggest no-no is not using skin care products! It’s as simple as that.  We need to cleanse our skin to remove impurities, moisturize and nourish our skin, and protect our skin from the elements and the sun.  Not doing so is a major skin care no-no in my book.

Any men reading this might feel a bit left out – is that the case?

Jacquie Carter: Oh, I hope not.  Skin care, hair care, and body care – is not just for women, it’s important for everybody.  In fact, in some cases skin care can be even more important for men than women.  Many men shave on a regular basis and every time that razor scrapes across their face they strip the natural oils from their skin.  On top of that, many men will then apply after-shave lotion, which can be loaded with alcohol.  Alcohol burns and irritates the skin leading to even further dehydration.  The result?  Most men need to moisturize their skin more than women do!  See gentlemen, I don’t want you to feel left out at all!  This is just one example but there are so many more. 

I want men to know as much as women about skin care and hair care so they too will always look and feel their best. knowing that you’re looking good plays a part in making us feel great.

Thanks Jacquie, you’ve inspired all of us today!  We’re looking forward to reading your weekly articles and learning more about how to look good inside and out!

Find out more about our authors Jacquie, Susan and Samantha on our experts page.