Top 5 Home Workout routines

Homeworkouts_June10 No time or money to spend at the gym? Here are 5 of my favorite home workouts that you can do at a time that’s convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home.

Getting to the gym is often the one thing that gets cut from our to-do list when we are pushed for time. Add in the monthly costs associated with a gym membership that you’re not using or can’t afford, and you have a perfect recipe for feeling stressed out, tired and unfit. With an at home workout you can avoid a lot of the stress associated with going to the gym.

I believe that it’s not that people don’t have the time to fit a workout into their day it’s just that most people don’t have the time or patience for all of the extra work that going to the gym creates. You have to pack your clothes, drive to the gym, organize child care, get changed, wait for machines to be free, spend time being polite to the person who wants to chit chat, take a shower and then after all that you need to get to your next destination on time.

I’m not suggesting that you always work out at home, because I believe that exercising with a group can help you to stay motivated and help you to reach your personal health goals. I love the social interaction and natural competitive spirit that a group environment evokes. But the next time you just want a quick workout without all the fuss of the gym, an at home workout is a perfect option.

Here are 5 of my favorite fit tips routines:

Morning start: Jump out of bed and do this fat burning routine in your p.j’s. It’s not as intense as a HIIT workout, but it will help to get your blood flowing and promote the release of your natural feel-good endorphins to help you start your day feeling good.

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Mid day blast: This workout gets your heart rate up and challenge your body. It has lots of my favorite athletic style moves that promote muscle strengthening, and because it’s high in intensity you will burn calories for a few hours afterwards.

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Just a second: When you really don’t have a lot of a time,this quick one move, one minute challenge will help you get some activity in to your schedule.

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Tone that tummy: This 20 minute Core abdominal workout is sure to make you feel great. If you have little ones at home this routine is great for when they are taking a nap.

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Stress relief before bed: If you are wound up at the end of the day , consider spending some time before bed doing this yoga inspired routine. It will help you to connect your mind, body and breath. Stretching at the end of the day may help clear your mind and slow your energy down to help you get a good night’s sleep. It’s not a big calorie burner, but the relaxation and muscle stretching benefits feel great.

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An at home work out can be highly effective, even if you only have time to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise it can make a big difference with how you feel. Getting your body moving each day can build your self-confidence and your muscles too.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.

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Five Workout Secrets for a Perfect Body

A good diet with a steady workout plan is the key.

With New Year’s right around the corner, many of you have ‘get fit’ or ‘achieve my perfect body’ on your resolution list. I’m going to share my top five secrets to getting that perfect body.

I’ve told you many times that it’s impossible to out-train a bad diet. The fact that your diet is a crucial piece of the puzzle, when it comes to achieving your perfect body, can’t be denied. There are many personal trainers, pieces of equipment and infomercials that may promise you that you can torch away thousands of calories in one simple workout.

Don’t believe the hype. There are two sides to every equation, and in this case the perfect body equation involves a good diet and a good exercise routine.

Two-sided approach

For years, people focused on diet alone to help with weight loss. It was a common topic in the media, but science proves that there are many benefits you can get from being active. Being active on a regular basis can help to improve your physical wellness, slow down the aging process, improve your mood and boost your self-esteem just to name a few. It can also help you better master your nutritional needs, so that you can keep your body in balance long term. You’ll start noticing that when you exercise you’ll crave nutritious foods. When you eat better, you’ll have more energy for exercise.

What is a perfect body?

A perfect body in my mind isn’t all about looks. It’s one that’s healthy and ready to perform the tasks that you need it to, so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. My definition of perfect is very personal and ever evolving. There’s no set standard of what a perfect body is—despite what the media says. Your perfect body equation could be striving for feeling energized and well, looking fit or performing your best, or some combination of all three. Whatever your definition is, you need to have a 100% good attitude so you can succeed.

5 P’s to a perfect body

Use my Five P’s to get your perfect body and to help you get started and stay in control of your own body perfection equation.


Provide your body with what it needs. The aim of your daily nutrition intake is to give your body the fuel it needs to perform the essential functions of daily life. Your body also needs nutrients to recover, replenish and re-build itself, especially after a hard workout.

Be Present

Today is what’s important because tomorrow isn’t a promise. We’re all guilty of saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ but what is wrong with today? Start today and be present in the choices you make. The smallest changes can lead to significant results, but you have to start in order to elicit change.


Getting fit and feeling healthy should never just be a short-term goal. Yes, you may be motivated by an upcoming event to whip yourself into shape. But to get good results and maintain healthy habits, you must be persistent and committed long-term. Persistence pays off when it comes to establishing new healthy lifestyle habits.

Be Productive

Make the most of your time and make every second count. Don’t watch TV or read a magazine while you’re on the treadmill. Instead, work hard and keep your intensity high, especially if you only have a short amount of time available for exercise. Mix up your routine, keep it simple and be as practical as possible. Set yourself up for success by making your daily activity goals achievable.


The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of patience. In order for your body to change, you must give it time to adapt to your new and improved healthy lifestyle habits. Repetition and time is what it takes to form good habits that’ll last. The best approach is to take it one day at a time.

I’ll admit it, I’m exhausted by the letter P now! This post was inspired by a perfect stranger I came across at an airport who asked me for my definition of a perfect body. What prompted her to ask? It may have been my slightly out-of-place stretching routine after getting off a 15-hour flight, or maybe it was the wall sits I was doing whilst waiting for my next flight. I’m happy to say that she left my side with more than a quick answer. She left knowing that we all deserve to be perfectly healthy, and achieving it is simpler than she thought.

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Burn Steam and KO Stress: Box Your Way to Fitness

Mix it up and get fit.

Had a rough day? This 20-minute boxing workout will help you burn calories, steam and stress.

The benefits of boxing are numerous: it can give you conditioned muscles, a lean physique and in general, a strong body that’s athletic enough to move freely. It can also help you to clear your head and reduce stress. Here’s a practical, minimal-equipment, boxing workout I’ve developed that you can do at home, with weights, leaving you no excuse not to stick with it:

3 Punch Boxing Blast

    • Dumbbells. If you don’t have them, use water bottles. If you don’t have water bottles, you can still do this boxing workout using your body-weight. (No excuses!)
    • Jump rope. If you don’t have one, just pretend that you do and jump without it.

Stretch for five minutes. Focus on your neck and shoulder muscles. Rotate your ankles and prepare your leg muscles with simple dynamic stretches.
Relaxed jump rope for three minutes to get your heart rate up.

Boxing Workout Method

Punch 1: Jab

A jab is a punch that goes straight forward.

    • Place your left foot in front of your right and angle your right foot out as if pointing it toward an opponent.
    • Put your hands up by your chin, tuck your elbows in, keep your chin down and make sure your hips are above your feet. Whichever foot is forward is the hand you’ll jab with.
    • Keep an athletic stance with a slight bend in your knees and bring up your back heel just a bit. Bounce around and get comfortable in the stance. Make sure your feet are around shoulder-width apart and your front foot is pointing mostly forward and your back foot is pointing mostly out.
Punch 2: Cross

The cross is a punch where you punch across your body. You must transfer your weight from your rear foot to your lead foot. Do this by pivoting your rear foot, rotating your body, bending your knees and leaning forward very slightly. All of this is done at the exact same time as the cross is thrown.

    • Stand in a jab stance. As you punch, rotate your body counter-clockwise (if your left foot is forward), or clockwise (if your right foot is forward).
    • Pivot your rear foot at the same time that you’re throwing the cross. You should end up with your heel upward and toes on the ground, facing in the same direction as where your cross is heading.
    • Rotate your fist just before you reach the end of the punch so that the palm of your hand is facing downwards towards the floor.
    • Sit down on your punch as you throw the punch. Bending at your knees will allow you to gain more power and maintain your balance.
Punch 3: Hook

A hook uses power from your hips and upper body. It should be done in a fluid motion, using both your upper and lower body to follow through with the punch.

    • Take a comfortable boxing stance by putting both of your legs parallel to your shoulders. Then bring your most dominant foot one-half of a step back, and slightly bend your knees so you’re in an athletic stance.
    • Keep your fists in front of your face. Your hands should be lined up outside of your eyes and a few inches away from your face.
    • As you punch, twist your body to your dominant foot side and rotate your front foot. Rotate your upper body as well.
Round 1:

Perform each of the punches without weights for 45 seconds. After each one, do 60 seconds of relaxed-pace jump rope.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Round 2:

Perform each of the punches with your chosen weight. Be slow and controlled with each movement for eight punches.

Jump rope for 30 seconds at high intensity after each set of eight.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Round 3 – Knockout Round:

Do 30 seconds of punches without weights. Do all five sets, then jump rope for three minutes at a moderate intensity.

Cool down with your favorite stretches, placing added focus on your upper body. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

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15 Minute workout to improve sports performance

15 Minute workout to improve sports performanceAre you a sports player? Or do you enjoy an occasional game of your favorite sport? Try my 15 minute workout to help you improve your sports performance!

Most people train their body in only one direction. Often times while playing sports, something will happen that’ll require them to rapidly step to the side. If you only train in one direction, instead of being able to do rapid side movements with ease, it’ll be challenging. In some instances, they pull a muscle or damage a tendon in their knee, putting them on the sidelines for months at a time! Think about it: cycling, running and many exercises in the gym tend to focus on forwards and backwards movements. It makes sense because the majority of the time during our daily life, people move in a straight line, so it’s wise to focus on the most utilized movement patterns. This can be different when it comes to playing sports. Those are the occasions when moving sideways is essential, and you need to be ready for it. Training in a sideways manner can improve your sports performance by getting your body used to otherwise foreign moves.

I talk a lot about having a balanced and functional body because I believe that when you don’t work on the small muscles and tendons that are responsible for stability, it puts you at a greater risk of getting injured. Prevention is a much better approach than a cure when it comes to taking care of your joints. My sideways strengthening routine is aimed to get you ready for that rock on the running trail that you have to dodge at the last minute, or for a fun pick-up game at the local park. I add this routine into my training week at least once a month.

Sports performance workout

Side step: Stand with both feet together in an athletic stance with a slight bend in the knees. Take a 3 steps to the right, then 3 steps to the left. Start out slowly then pick up the pace.

Speed skater: Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides. Hop to right, landing on your right foot while sweeping left foot diagonally behind right leg and swinging left arm across body and right arm behind back. Jump to left, switching legs and arms to complete 1 rep.

Side hops: Place a piece of tape on the floor and stand on the left side of it. Stand with both feet together in an athletic stance with a slight bend in the knees. Keeping feet together, hop to the right over the tape as you land immediately hop back over to the left.

Lateral lunge: Step to the right with your right foot, keeping your toes forward and your feet flat. Squat through your right hip while keeping your left leg straight. Squat as low as is comfortable and hold the position for 2 seconds. Push back to the starting position and repeat to the opposite side. You can also try my ‘around-the-clock’ lunge, which can take it a step further.

Obstacle run: place cones or water bottles spaced out every 10 steps over a set distance. Decide the distanced based on your space available, it can be as short as 20 steps or as long as 50. Perform shuttle runs in and out of the obstacle. Do this for 5 reps.


Slow and focused: For the first few times you do this sports performance workout, you should do it in a slow and controlled manner. Performing reps means you can do it at your own pace.

Do each exercise for 12 reps (left and right = 1 rep)

Perform 3 sets total.

Fast and agile: As you become comfortable with sideways movement. you can do this workout as an interval style session. Perform each exercise at a low intensity for 30 seconds then again at a high intensity for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds then repeat. Repeat sequence 3 times.

Protect your body

Protect your precious joints by preparing them as part of your workout routine. I believe that adding one laterally focused routine to your schedule every few weeks will drastically improve your sports performance and overall leg joint stability. An added bonus is that you’ll be working and toning up your inner thighs and glutes too. It ‘s well worth it!

If you have any existing joint issues, are very overweight or have had knee or hip surgery in the past, you should check with your doctor before performing any laterally focused routines.


Try this athletic conditioning routine and let me know if you enjoy it!

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife

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