Style makeover: 8 Trends to try in 2015

Style makeover: 8 Trends to try in 2015Are you on trend or do trends pass you by? Get the latest hot style and beauty news!

It was breaking news when the color of 2015 was released. Haven’t heard? It’s Marsala. What’s Marsala? It’s a rich color with red undertones but it isn’t really red. It has a lovely brown base, so it has a bit more depth to it. It’s lovely, and I’m sure you’ll see it on everything from cosmetics, clothing, home furnishings and accessories. After all, it’s the color of the year!  This color is just the beginning of trends for 2015. There are so many fun new trends already on their way and I’m giving you my thoughts on which 2015 trends will make the biggest impact!

If you’ve stayed away from trends, now’s your chance to reinvent your beauty and fashion choices with a style makeover!

Have you been sporting the same look for a while? Now’s a great time to give yourself a style makeover because a new year is a chance for a new you!

Whether you’re a trendsetter or not, 2015 will bring a lot of opportunity to try some new things in the world of beauty and style. The runways were filled with exciting new ideas for fashion, hair, makeup and nails. Some were good, some were fabulous and some, well … no comment. I’m all for trying out new things and for 2015, I have a list of my favorite new trends that are worth a try. I’ll explain my top trends for 2015, and you’ll have to tell me which ones you’re willing to try!

Welcome back ‘60s

While I missed the sixties the first time around, I’m excited to see the fashion come back as a trend for 2015. Look for some really cool sixties inspired prints that can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. There are many lush textures to keep you warm this winter including an array of knits. Look for knit dresses, sweaters and jackets in fabulous prints. My personal favorite—lots of feathers and fur! Yes girly-girls, I said feathers and fur! They’re everywhere including jackets, scarves, accessories, trims and more. Think silhouettes, ponchos, capes, Mary Jane’s and baby doll dresses.  Think Twiggy! Think awesome!

The WOW brow

If you’ve spent most of your life plucking your eyebrows to near extinction, now is the time to put down those tweezers.  Bushy brows are the latest face framers to explore. Think Brooke Shields circa 1980 something or Kim Kardashian circa NOW. The bolder and bushier, the better.  The new WOW brow has the power to transform your face effortlessly. Invest in a good brow brush to work the look to its fullest potential. If you have been tweezing for so long your eyebrows are thin and sparse, grab a good brow pencil and fake it ‘til you make it.

Temporary edge

I keep seeing this trend and while it may not be for me personally, I do appreciate it. Lots of body accessories are coming into play. Body piercings and tattoos have been seen on gorgeous models on high fashion runways. But, here’s the thing: they’re faux piercings and temporary tattoos! This trend allows you to experiment with an edgier look just for the weekend, with no regret. Temporary tattoos have taken it to a whole new level. There are designs for arms, legs and back and now even for your eyelids. Think of it as ‘makeup gone wild’ without the long-term consequences. 

It’s all about the eyes

When it comes to beauty trends, it’s usually split between eyes and lips. In 2015, it seems like the eyes have it!  It’s the year to go big and bold. We’ve got the WOW brow, but we also have to kick our lashes up a notch to give them more volume and length. Biggest color trend this year? Blue. Not the old school bright blue. More like darker shades of navy. Think smoky eye with shades of blue for a dramatic and sexy look. Beautiful shades of precious metals are also on trend. Go for shades of gold and bronze. These shades work on just about every skin tone, eye color and outfit you can think of. The color lavender is also a color to look out for this year. With so many fun colors, how can you NOT make over your eye makeup style?

Just for the Men

The hair trends for men in 2015 are pretty cool too.  I think we’ve seen it before but look for shorter sides and longer hair on top. Fades and undercuts will be everywhere and get this…the Mohawk is in! I don’t think any of my male friends will be sporting the Mohawk but…it’s a great option if it goes with your overall style.

When it comes to men’s fashion, sportswear is definitely in—the more comfortable, the better. For work, think about adding a new tailored suit to your wardrobe and break out your pinstripes. Pair a nice pair of pinstripe pants with a shirt in similar color for a monochromatic look. Add a hot tie with horizontal stripes and boom…you’re good to go. Oh, but don’t forget about your trench coat. Yes, a returning fashion favorite for men.

Messy Hair

Here’s a trend I definitely love: messy hair! In 2015 it’s all about texture.  If your hair is short go for the messy, tousled look.  If your hair is long braid it or give it a topknot, but keep it messy.  If it looks like you just got out of bed, then you’re doing something very right.

Nail Art

Long gone are the days of a solid color polish and short manicure. Nails have become more like an accessory. By today’s standards, the sky’s the limit. For this year look for some fun new trends for nails.  You’ll see a bit of 3D art that really makes a statement. Ombre nails, stripes, metallic are all popular. It’s an anything goes year and the designs are limitless. Nails have become little pieces of art that can match an outfit or over power the outfit; the choice is yours.

The one trend that hit the runways this year that I personally am not fond of is the cuticle-only polish. Picture this: paint your nails in your favorite color and then take it off using nail polish remover leave just a smudged strip around the cuticles.  WHY?  Between messy nails and messy hair it’ll end up looking like a hot mess. With emphasis on the MESS. Not the style makeover you were thinking for 2015, for sure.

Red lips

This one is definitely a classic beauty trend that’s been around for decades. I’m talking about the classic, red lipstick. The only difference this year is that it’s not just for special occasions or evening hours. The perfect pout has graduated into an everyday look that can be paired with a very elegant appearance or a very beachy look. It’s up to you.  Choose the best shade of red for your skin tone and OWN it!


There are so many trends that will come and go this year. I would love to hear about your favorite trend for 2015, or even your favorite trend from the past that you wish would come back. Please leave it for us all to enjoy in the comments section below. I’m still digging the 80’s look and long for a pair of bell-bottoms…

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at HerbalifeDiscover the HerbalifeSKIN line here.

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